Overview of the Circular Economy in the Arab Region | 2023

Have you ever wondered where the world’s products and plastic waste go? What repercussions might this carelessness have if we leave it alone? The world is currently waging a strong struggle to tackle and resolve all of these issues at their source.

A model of production and consumption known as the circular economy (also known as circularity or CE) “involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing, and recycling existing materials and products for as long as possible.”

By placing a focus on the design-based application of the model’s three fundamental principles, it seeks to address issues including climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

Eliminating waste and pollution, recycling goods and materials, and regenerating nature are the three tenets necessary for the transition to a circular economy.

How does the Arab world deal with the circular economy?

Contrary to the conventional linear economy, CE is defined. Over the past ten years, academics, businesspeople, and policymakers have researched the circular economy (CE) concept in great detail.

Since it reduces emissions and raw material consumption, opens up new business opportunities, and, most importantly, increases consumption sustainability and resource efficiency, CE has been gaining in popularity.

Natural resources are converted into products in a linear economy that is, due to their design and production processes, eventually destined to be wasted. “Take, make, waste” is a common way to describe this process.

While not creating a closed-loop system, a circular economy uses reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and recycling to reduce waste production, pollution, and carbon emissions.

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