CO2 Storing & Carbon Capture and Storage

Learn More About Carbon Management and CO2 Storing By CEA | 2023

Co2 storing is possible for the environment! But how? CO2 storage appears nearly absurd at first. Is it possible to store underground carbon dioxide emissions from a manufacturing facility? Research is currently being conducted to ascertain whether such a notion is not only feasible but also safe, and to demonstrate it to the general public.

What are the Goals of the Circular Carbon Economy Related to CO2 Storage?

CO2 Storing OR CO2 Storage
Carbon Capture and Storage

The advancement of humanity depends on energy. The greatest challenge of our time is to address the global climate issue while advancing human growth and economic prosperity.

The process of moving toward a low-carbon future will be difficult; CO2 storing is the powerful solution. To adequately address a major portion of the expanding global energy demand, alternatives will require a large amount of time and ongoing investment.

Hydrocarbon-based energy sources will be relied upon to satisfy the majority of the world’s energy demand for the foreseeable future in order to ensure energy security and accommodate a growing global population.

The CEA Initiative in Creating Solutions with Satisfactory Results in the Long Run | CO2 Storing

We at Circular Economy Arabia are committed to doing our share by utilizing an interdisciplinary approach to creative and affordable carbon management solutions, with an emphasis on CO2 storing, capture, and sequestration, CO2 emissions reduction, and turning emissions to value.

Improved Oil Recovery, Carbon Capture, and Carbon Storing

We think that CO2 storing and trapping has the potential to drastically reduce world emissions.

The process of removing waste CO2 from significant sources, such as power plants, CO2 storing, and burying it underground to prevent it from entering the atmosphere is known as carbon capture and sequestration.

We are demonstrating that it is feasible to capture CO2, inject it into our reservoirs, and evaluate the viability of improving oil recovery at one of the largest CO2 capture and storage demonstration projects in the Middle East.

At our facility in Saudi Arabia, we have the capacity to gather and process 40 million standard cubic feet of CO2 every day.

The CO2 is then pumped 85 kilometers to the oil field, where it is injected into the oil reservoir to sequester the gas while also assisting in maintaining reservoir pressure and increasing oil recovery.

We have increased the rate of oil production from 4 of our wells since the first CO2 injection technology in 2015.

Capturing and Storing Carbon

Arab parties concerned with circular economy in Saudi Arabia and CO2 storing is devoted to securing a future powered by renewable energy. They think that a key component of attempts to cut CO2 emissions while preserving global prosperity is carbon capture and storage.

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